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Range of Propane/LPG tanks, ranging from 150 gall....
Propane tanks
Four models of women celebrating 
or partying.
Women Partying (at BBQ)...
A tipical family walking.
Family Set 10
Another typical family walking.
Family Set 20
Fully mapped figures. They have the same number of...
Mapped People 1-4...
This set contains a group of 
three different you...
Young Girls 10
Young boys holding onto mother's 
hand, play equi...
Kid 03
Female singer
Singer (fem113)
Two models of elderly men 
Elderly Men 10
Two models of elderly men 
standing up.
Elderly Men 20
Drinks and snack vending machine
vending machine
A unique style of chess pieces on a wood board wit...
Chess Set B
Two legless models of young male car drivers.
Car Driver 20
Two female drivers.
Female Drivers 10...
Two young female drivers.
Female Drivers 20...
Two models of elderly women 
Elderly Women 10...
Two models of elderly women.
Elderly Women 20...
Three models of female desk 
Desk Clerks 10
Santa Claus set 10 (standing)
Santa Claus Set 10...
Male seated figures. Good for 
students, dining e...
Men 14 to 16

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