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Clola bedframe, 4ft 6
Clola bed
Clear jars with perspex lids, by Guzzini
Guzzini jars
Ecco mug, by Habitat
Ecco mug
Free standing white electric oven
500mm w, 605mm ...
free standing oven...
Free standing white fridge
545mm w, 555mm d, 850m...
free standing fridge...
Companion table by Habitat.
Powder coated metal b...
Companion table
'Work in Progress' basin by Flaminia
'Work in Progress&...
White washing machine
595mm w, 580mm d, 845mm h
washing machine
Generic stainless steel sink
note: model updated,...
stainless steel sink...
White electric hob
603mm w, 520mm d, 17mm h
electric hob
Folding theatre seat (American Standard sizes)
theatre seat
838 ISC door (ten glazed panels)
838 ISC door
762 ISC door (ten glazed panels)
762 ISC door
686 ISC door (ten glazed panels)
686 ISC door
838 I50 door (four glazed panels)
838 I50 door
762 I50 door (four glazed panels)
762 I50 door
686 I50 door (four glazed panels)
686 I50 door
838 I10 door (fully glazed)
838 I10 door
762 I10 door (fully glazed)
762 I10 door
686 I10 door (fully glazed)
686 I10 door

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