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Generic Elm-type tree. High branch clearance, suit...
Generic Tree 07
Low poly palm tree for distance and large numbers.
Low Poly Palm Tree...
Generic shrub approx 4' / 1.2m high.
Shrub 01
Generic houseplant in pot; approx 4' 6
Generic, low-poly houseplant/tropical garden plant
4 NPR variations of young apple tree; approx 9' / ...
2D: Apple tree
NPR Alder; approx 30' / 10m high4 Variants.
2D: Alder
Rowan or Maountain Ash (Sorbus sitchensis)4 NPR va...
2D: Mountain Ash / Rowan...
4 NPR variants of Quaking Aspen (Populus tremuloid...
2D: Quaking Aspen
4 NPR variants of Paper Birch (Betula papyrifera);...
2D: Paper Birch
NPR River's Purple Beech (Fagus sylvatica; 4 varia...
2D: River's Purple Beech...
Stone Pine / Umbrella Pine (Pinus pinea)
Stone Pine
Set of generic variants in Autumn foliage
2D: Autumn trees
Range of various Catalpas
2D: Catalpa
4 variants of Saguaro cacti
A selection of small box topiary
Palmetto Palm (Sabal palmetto) approx 30' / 10m hi...
Palmetto palm
Low-poly Oxalis glabra in pot.
Oxalis glabra
Travellers Palm (Ravenala 
Travellers Palm
Series of young ornamental cherry trees in Blossom...
2D: Cherry tree

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