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40'/13m cypress tree
2D: FFV030
A selection of 4 small generic shrubs. Low-poly sk...
Generic shrubs
Varieties of small sumac
4 small heathers
Medium height Crape myrtle (Lagerstroemia indica)....
Crape Myrtle
Fully 3D forsythia
First in an extensive series of low-poly, stylized...
2D: Stylized trees 1-4...
4 variations of a weeping willow (Salix babylonica...
Geometree 011
Magnolia soulangiana
2D: FFV038
4 mature specimens of Honey mesquite (Prosopis gla...
Honey Mesquite
Four low-lying, ground-cover junipers.
Four mature deciduous trees.
Generic tree 19
Grevillea "Robyn Gordon". Bush approx 4f...
Two SketchUp Face Me examples of Sequoia giganteum...
2D: Sequoia
A selection of 4 billboard rose bushes
2D: Red rose bushes
A selection of 4 bilboard rose bushes
2D: Pink rose bushes...
Four specimens of dogwood in full blossom. Approx ...
Flowering Dogwood...
2D Face Me bonsai billboard in 3D pot.
Bonsai 01
2D Face Me bonsai billboard in 3D pot.
Bonsai 02

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