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A selection of 4 twig pots
Twig Pots
Decorative pot with budding twigs
Twig Pot 05
Planter, 18
A stoneware planter or vase
planter 03
Stoneware planter/vase
planter 02
Wooden planter. SketchUp V3 wood texture is horizo...
planter 01
Low poly, image-mapped planter; with and without s...
Planter 07
Illuminated Planter Collection
Illuminated Planter Col...
A set of three molded planter seats for any high t...
Planter Seating
Wicker Planters
Wicker Planters
HQ plants are 2D billboards in a 3D pot (in order ...
HQ Plant 02
Revit modeled, Parameters include: Materials
Cube Planter
Crim Ceramic Pot Planter (note: plant 
is not inc...
Crim Ceramic Pot Plante...
Agapanthus orientalis or Nile Lily
The iPhone is a multimedia and Internet-enabled qu...
Garden Vase and Urn.
Garden Vase and Urn...
2D Face Me Pansies (Viola tricolor)
2D: Pansies 1-4
2D Pansies (Viola tricolor)
Pansies 5-7
Large bamboo display for public 
areas such as ho...
Bamboo display
2.5D Bay ball. Plant height approximately 4ft/1.3m
2D: Bay Ball

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