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Two elderly men sitting.
Elderly Men 30
Two elderly women sitting.
Elderly Women 30...
Three models of men using winter 
Autumm--Winter Mens 10...
Three women dressed in winter 
Autumm-Winter Womens 10...
Soccer field is not icluded in 
the set.
Soccer Players 10...
Soccer Players set 20
Soccer Players 20...
Two soccer referees.
Note: Soccer field can be fo...
Soccer Referees
The catcher and the umpire.
Baseball Players 20...
Three models of painters using  
spray guns.
Painters in Action...
Three models of car mechanics.
Car Mechanics
Three models of basketball 
Basketball Players 10...
Three basketball players
Basketball Players 20...
Three models of janitors in 
Three models of female cashiers.
Female Cashiers
Two businessmen, texting
Man 12
Four hoodies
Three models of female desk 
Desk Clerks 10
Desk Clerks 20 (seated)
Desk Clerks 20
This is an experimental model. A 
Sketchy low pol...
Sketchy 3D Man
This set contains three models of  
male elegant ...
Executives 10

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