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A compendium of low poly bags, 
as used in the tr...
Baggage collection...
Men carrying baggage
Man 87
Baggage tug and cart with low-poly train
Baggage train
The North Face Isabella 
backpack set, (closed an...
Backpack Set
Marcopolo 1800 Paradiso DoubleDecker
Marcopolo 1800DD...
Set of three trolley cases.
Trolley Case Set...
Three Modern Hotel Buildings
Modern Hotel Buildings...
Two modern Hotel buidings.
Hotel Buildings C...
Last part of the Hotel Buildings Collection.
Hotel Buildings D...
Set of four duffle bags.
Duffle Bags
The Classic Airstream.
Airstream Trailer...
Whole body security scanner
Whole Body Scanner...
Adria Motorhome
Adria Motorhome
Wuzhoulong FDG-6860 Bus Set
Wuzhoulong Bus Set...
VDL Bova Magiq
Bova Magiq
Woman walking with bag
Fem 66
Woman walking with case
Fem 67
Men with baggage
Man 88
Men with baggage
Man 89
Young men with backpacks
Man 90

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