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Cadets of the Royal Canadian Military 
RCMC cadets
Male Students in Regalia 10
Male Students in Regali...
The state flags of Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania ...
US State Flags Oklahoma...
Revit modeled, Parameters include: Materials, Will...
School Lockers
Two configurations of a Thomas Bus.
Thomas Bus Set
Dorm Room Set. Can be used in a school dorm room o...
Dorm Room Set
Three different models of male students.
Students (male)
Three female students.
Students (female)...
Male students, walking and standing
Man 23 to 24b
2D Face Me figure
2D: Student 01
2D Face Me figure
2D: Student 02
2D Face Me figure
2D: Student 03
2D Face Me figure
2D: Student 04
Students in Uniform 10 (6th form 
Students in Uniform 10...
Female Students in Regalia 
Fem Students in Regalia...
Fully mapped figures. They have the same number of...
Mapped People 1-4...