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Cadets of the Royal Canadian Military 
RCMC cadets
The state flags of Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania ...
US State Flags Oklahoma...
Revit modeled, Parameters include: Materials, Will...
School Lockers
Two configurations of a Thomas Bus.
Thomas Bus Set
Three female students.
Students (female)...
Dorm Room Set. Can be used in a school dorm room o...
Dorm Room Set
Three different models of male students.
Students (male)
Male students, walking and standing
Man 23 to 24b
2D Face Me figure
2D: Student 01
2D Face Me figure
2D: Student 02
2D Face Me figure
2D: Student 03
2D Face Me figure
2D: Student 04
Fully mapped figures. They have the same number of...
Mapped People 1-4...
Students in Uniform 10 (6th form 
Students in Uniform 10...
Female Students in Regalia 
Fem Students in Regalia...
Male Students in Regalia 10
Male Students in Regali...