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Three walking women in casual outfit.
Casual Women
Three adult casual men.
Casual Men
Generic Casual Sofa
Generic Casual Sofa...
Some caual men's jackets
Casual Mens Jackets...
Casual man standing; Asian
man 62
Casual male figure in hoodie.
Man 64
Casual male figure.
Man 63
Casual male figure.
Man 77
Casual middle aged men
Man 34
Casual figures...one with spatula in 
Man 35
Casual male figure in hoodie.
Man 112
Young kids, suitable for garden, 
beach, splash p...
Kid 42
Male figure for pool or beach
Man 71
T shirt set.
T Shirts
Four women tank tops.
Women Tank Tops set 1...
Male figures seated.
Men 08 to 11
Male seated figures. Good for 
students, dining e...
Men 14 to 16
Seated male figures
Man 17 and 18
For young men sitting, 
writing...although they c...
Man 21c to 22b
Female seated figures
Females 13 to 14c...

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