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Model based on a Whatley Pole with arms for banner...
Whatley Light Banner...
Lo-Poly Flag for the State of Texas
Texas Flag
Low-poly Puerto Rican flag on 50 ft pole
Puerto Rican flag...

Flag US
Taiwanese flag; approx 3' x 6' / 1m x 2m
Taiwan Flag
Canadian flag; approximately 3' x 6' / 1m x 2m
Canadian Flag
Australian flag; approx 3' /1m high
Australian flag
European Union flag
EU Flag
Croatian flag; approx 1m high
Croatian Flag
The tricolore flags of Germany, Austria, The Nethe...
Tricolore horizontal...
The flags of France, Italy, Ireland and Belgium
Tricolore vertical...
Russian Flag
Russian Flag
Chinese flag
Chinese Flag
Icelandic Flag
Icelandic Flag
New Zealand Flag
New Zealand Flag...
Japanese Flag
Japanese Flag
Image-mapped Vatican flag.
Vatican Flag
The flags of Scandinavia
Scandinavian Flags...
Image-mapped Spanish flag
Spanish Flag
Image-mapped Nicaraguan flag
Nicaraguan Flag

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