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Female seated, trying on shoes.
Fem 115
Female choir figures. The dress and 
shawl are gr...
Fem 104
Child in elf costume
Kid 44 Elf
Royal Canadian Navy military band. 
Contains horn...
RCN Band
Canadian army figures...dress uniform 
and cadet
Canadian army figures...
A selection o fOrthodox Jewish 
Man 109
Female kayakers
Fem 118
Female singer
Singer (fem113)
A range of female paramedics.
Girl taking photo with phone.
Fem 114
Casual male figure in hoodie.
Man 112
Upgraded replacement for original 
Man 54
Man 54
Canadian Ranger in standard hoodie
Canadian Ranger
Scottish military bagpiper. Fraser 
tartan...of c...
Replacement for original Man52. 
Figures descendi...
Man 52
Cadets of the Royal Canadian Military 
RCMC cadets
Females walking with their bikes.
Fem 112
Royal Canadian Navy figures...dress 
uniform and ...
RCN figures
Girl admiring shoes...or simply looking 
Fem 116
Man in kayak. Traditional and sit on 
Man 116

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