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British police in high visibility jackets
UK Police
A selection of generic police/security figures
Police 07
Two male dancers
Hip Hop dancers
Lady tennis players
Female Tennis Players...
Young girl, suitable for use in farm, stables or s...
Farm kid 01
Young boy, suitable for use in farm context or sii...
Farm kid 02
Girl in riding boots carrying grain.
Farm kid 03
Young boy in working gear, with shovel.
Farm kid 04
Three variations of a dancer.
Hip Hop dancers
Male Farmer holding a bucket. Could also be used f...
Male Farmer
Generic desktop computer. Model is highly detailed...
Desktop computer...
Male runners
Runner 01
Male runners at the tape
Runner 02
Man with camera
man with camera
Selection of men with very low poly Canon camcorde...
Female figure for pool or beach 
For men enjoying a BBQ.
Men at BBQ (Partying)...
Female figure for pool or beach 
Two ring girls, in different poses.
Ring Girls
Female figure for pool or beach 

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