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Wooden planters; 18" (0.5m) diameter
Planter 09
Octagonal wooden planters
Planter 10
Wooden planters
Planter 11
Acanthus mollis/Bear's breeches. Approx 5ft/1.8m
Acanthus mollis
Pool lounger
lounger olivia
Bamboo panel 72"x42" (183cm x 107cm)
Bamboo panel 01
Indoor water feature. Nominally 12"/30cm wide...
Water Feature
Lounge chair in canvas and wood slats finish
cress lounger
Collection of 3 wrought iron lounger
wrought iron lounger...
Collection of 2 loungers of more modern look
pool lounger
12ft/4m diameter trampoline, with and without safe...
Very Low poly generic shrub. Approx. 4ft / 1.2m hi...
Generic Bush
Wrought iron 3 steps plants stand.
Plants stand steps...
Wrought iron 3 grills plants stand.
3 grills plants stand...
Wrought iron grilled plant stand.
Grilled plant stand...
Wrought iron fruit basket. Can also double as a pl...
Wrought iron basket...
Selection of weathered slate stone slabs, suitable...
Wrought iron outdoor dining set. Model comes with ...
Wrought iron dining set...
Push Toys 10
Push Toys 10
Indonesian teak park and gadern trash bin
multi bin

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