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A selection of similar profile planters
Planter 08
Wooden planters; 18" (0.5m) diameter
Planter 09
Octagonal wooden planters
Planter 10
Wooden planters
Planter 11
Acanthus mollis/Bear's breeches. Approx 5ft/1.8m
Acanthus mollis
Pool lounger
lounger olivia
Bamboo panel 72"x42" (183cm x 107cm)
Bamboo panel 01
Indoor water feature. Nominally 12"/30cm wide...
Water Feature
Lounge chair in canvas and wood slats finish
cress lounger
Collection of 3 wrought iron lounger
wrought iron lounger...
Collection of 2 loungers of more modern look
pool lounger
12ft/4m diameter trampoline, with and without safe...
Very Low poly generic shrub. Approx. 4ft / 1.2m hi...
Generic Bush
Wrought iron 3 steps plants stand.
Plants stand steps...
Wrought iron 3 grills plants stand.
3 grills plants stand...
Wrought iron grilled plant stand.
Grilled plant stand...
Wrought iron fruit basket. Can also double as a pl...
Wrought iron basket...
Selection of weathered slate stone slabs, suitable...
Wrought iron outdoor dining set. Model comes with ...
Wrought iron dining set...
Push Toys 10
Push Toys 10

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