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Small fruiting orange shrub in planter;
Approx he...
planter 06
8ft / 2.5m diameter fan palm. SketchUp V3 is not t...
A mature lodgepole pine
lodgepole pine
50' / 18m fan palm.
SketchUp V3 does not have tex...
50' fan palm...
A small fan palm approx 5' / 1.8m high.
SketchUp ...
Fan Palm
A generic bush with texture-mapped leaves. 1 metre...
generic bush
A generic bush, coloured only, 1 metre high
generic bush
A 1'x1'x3' / 30cm x 30cm x 90cm cuboid mapped with...
Wingback chair
A small palm, approximately 4m (14 ft) tall
Small Palm
A Siver Birch in Summer foliage
Birch, Summer
A Silver Birch in Autumn foliage
Birch, Fall
A Silver Birch
Birch, Bare
A 20 ft (6.5 m) maple
Acer, Bare
A 20 ft (6.5 m) maple in Summer foliage.
Acer , Summer
A maple painted white for Hidden Line rendering.
Acer, White
A 20' (6.5 m)maple in autumn foliage.
Acer, Fall
Royal Palm (Roystonea regia) approx 40' / 12 m hig...
Royal Palm
Multi-stemmed River Birch (Betula nigra) approx 15...
River Birch
Silver Birch (Betula pendula) with bifurcated trun...
Silver Birch

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