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Hospital bassinet, empty and with 
Bassinet with Infants...
A selection of infants. Skin and hair colour may b...
Little League baseball players
Little League 1
Steadicam with operator
Three fully textured Golf shoes.
Golf Shoes
Set of four fabric sneakers. Fully textured.
Fabric Sneakers
US military figures
US troops 03
Figures for military briefing/class.
US troops 04
Military figures on patrol.
US troops 05
Military figures, various positions.
US troops 06
Man in barber's chair, with and without gown. Can ...
Man at Barbers
Fireman 01
Fireman 02
Fireman carrying backboard. The figure can be used...
Fireman 03
Fireman climbing onto ladder or truck
Fireman 04
Fireman, or other uniformed figure.
Fireman 05
Fireman or other uniformed figure.
Fireman 06
Fireman poledancing.
Fireman 07
Hand Umbrellas
Hand Umbrellas
Set of two photoreal leather 
gloves, for men.
Mens Leather Gloves...

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