Grand Missile Rapier 3D Model

Given their reliance on the awesome defensive capa....
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Description: Given their reliance on the awesome defensive capability of the Grand Cannon, it comes as no surprise that France would develop an equally powerful anti-air defensive emplacement. The result is the Grand Rapier Missile system. Its missiles use a unique "shockwave" warhead, which not only does heavy damage to aircraft on impact, but also does collateral damage to any other aircraft unlucky enough to be in the detonation vicinity.

When faced with airborne infantry, the Grand Rapier automatically switches to small, but highly lethal, rapid-firing seeker missiles.

Usage tips: 2D RTS games (such as Red Alert 2).

Design: Cannis Rabbidus.

Author: Coen Naninck
  allied  battle  war  c&c  rts  command & conquer  ra2  red alert  red alert 2  cannis  cannisrules  rules  realtime strategy  real time  strategy 
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