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Range of various Catalpas
2D: Catalpa
NPR Alder; approx 30' / 10m high4 Variants.
2D: Alder
4 variants of Crape Myrtle (Lagerstroemia indica)
2D: Crape Myrtle
Basic low-poly Face Camera version of Aleppo Pine ...
2D: Aleppo Pine
2D billboard figure.
2D: Fotofigure 182
4 NPR variations of young apple tree; approx 9' / ...
2D: Apple tree
Set of generic variants in Autumn foliage
2D: Autumn trees
Series of young ornamental cherry trees in Blossom...
2D: Cherry tree
Variety of taller cherry trees in Spring and Autum...
2D: Cherry tree
4 seasonal variants of Crab Apple (genus Malus)
2D: Crab Apple
Dogwood; 4 variants with differing blossom.
2D: Dogwood
Mature American Beech (Fagus grandifolia)
4 Sketc...
2D: American Beech
4 variants of Quaking Aspen (Populus tremuloides; ...
2D: Aspen
Face Me tree
2D: FFV003
Face Me Cypress
2D: FFV021
2D billboard...photoreal and NPR
2D: Fotofigure 160
2D billboard...photoreal and NPR
2D: Fotofigure 161
2D billboard...photoreal and NPR
2D: Fotofigure 165
Sketchy People 20
2D: Sketchy People 20...
2d cut-out figure of a man - note: outline and fil...
2D: 2d man 05

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