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Females playing with ball or 
Frisbee.Suitable fo...
Fem 50
A variety of females on sun 
Fem 49
Female choir figures. The dress and 
shawl are gr...
Fem 104
Male choristers, with and without 
Man 111
Replacement for original, low quality 
model. Now...
Man 44
Women sunbathing
Fem 54
Females in yoga positions. Upward 
facing dog pos...
Yoga 1
Replacement figures for earlier seated kids, kid01...
Kids 01
Fully mapped figures. They have the same number of...
Mapped People 1-4...
Female choristers with sheet music. 
Dress and wr...
Fem 105
Female yoga poses. Extended arms 
and legs
Yoga 2
The Treviso Collection by Design Within Reach:

Treviso Collection...
Female yoga poses. Downward 
Yoga 3
Females sitting in swimwear.
Fem 56
Hipster People (men)
Hipster People 10...
Three female students.
Students (female)...
Four low poly bike riders.
Bike Riders Set A...
Female seated figures
Females 09 to 12...
Females in hot tub/spa/casually 
Fem 53
Illuminated Planter Collection
Illuminated Planter Col...

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